As a young girl, Yasmin was captivated by the mystical allure of women living out their simple lives in blissful happiness, discovered on family trips to rural areas of the Mediterranean and Asia. At a tender young age, she quickly identified that a mammoth part of her fairytale perception was owing to the luscious, long and healthy locks these women so effortlessly sported, without exception.

Yasmin has since maintained that hair is the pinnacle of feminine beauty – to the point where women from many parts of the world consider covering their modesty as a direct translation into covering their hair – their most beautiful asset.

Repeated trips abroad gave a young Yasmin the insight in to the secret these women so closely guarded. She would see them cooking up mixtures of herbs and oils which they would then use in their hair overnight. This ritualistic culture of beautification seemed a like a hidden secret, one kept locked away in the lesser developed world and never popularised in the west.

Yasmin’s young mind once thought these recipes were to be kept as a secret – that they were magic potions only to be revealed to those few locals that had mastered them by themselves.

This fascination, laced with a young girl’s fairytale imagination is what led her to start cooking up her own oils and experimenting with different natural ingredients. At the age of just 8, Yasmin was of course assisted by her aunt – who she would sit back and admire, locking her eyes on her long silky hair whilst she was at work making the oils that nurtured it.

The authentic recipes passed down from her aunt are what formed the basis for everything the Yasmin Karimi brand is today. It is the same aunt who once told her that she would be able to make these concoctions for the whole world one day. A dream and an idea that was one day to come to life.

Growing up, Yasmin’s mother’s weekly shop contained an extensive list of herbs and spices prescribed by her daughter – and her Father had a section in his garden devoted to growing ingredients just for his daughter’s hobby. Back then, this was just seen as a child mixing up herbs and spices to smear over her hair. If it made her happy – they would provide her with what she needed, under supervision of course!

To this day, Yasmin maintains that these oils are all she has ever used on her hair, which is a testament to the power of nature. As she grew, she developed and fine tuned the ingredients which are now refined to the point of the aptly named Elixir collection.

Enter the world of a revolution in natural haircare. A cultural secret, globalised.