Our Return Policy in short

  • Contact Yasmin Karimi if you have any issues with any items.
  • You cannot return any product due to health and safety.

Return Policy

Please contact Yasmin Karimi before returning any items.

At the complaint, the customer contacts Yasmin Karimi and gives information relevant and the reason for complaint.

Want to switch to another size of the same product?

E-mail us, provide your customer information, and tell us you will send back the product and the size you wish to receive in exchange.
Want to switch to another product?

Return the product you have received and send us an e-mail telling us which product you want instead.
Transport Damage

If the product is lost or you, upon receiving, notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should immediately report this to us.

All enquiries: contact@yasminkarimi.com

Company Registered Name: Yasmin Karimi LTD
Company No: 9161503